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Uncontested Divorce

We can help you to initiate or respond to a divorce application. A divorce is uncontested where the spouses agree on all the issues raised by the divorce. If this is the case then one spouse can file an application for divorce, and the other spouse will not contest it. You must normally have been separated for a year or more before the divorce will be granted. This will avoid an expensive and lengthy court process, as may be the case where a divorce is contested.

Call us today to book an appointment with a lawyer at one of our convenient retail locations. We can explain the issues in detail and help you to experience a painless divorce procedure. We are open 7 days a week with long hours, so we are always available to help make a difficult time easier.

Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is not necessary for a ‘legal’ separation, and does not mean that a divorce will automatically follow. It is a legally binding contract created between separating spouses, which sets out each person’s rights and obligations on issues including child support, child access, property, debts and more.

Separating spouses are not required to write down their intentions, however it is always recommended in order to avoid disagreement and confusion which may occur once the spouses have separated.

Separation agreements are treated seriously by courts and should be prepared with the advice and assistance of a knowledgeable professional. By spending time with an Axess Law lawyer, you ensure that your and your spouse’s rights and obligations are made clear, and that nothing important has been left out.

Marriage Contract

This document may also be known as a “pre-nuptial agreement” (or a “cohabitation agreement” in the case of unmarried partners). It is an agreement between two partners who intend to marry that sets out what will happen if their relationship ends. This written document will usually cover financial and property distributions, responsibility for debts, arrangements for spousal support and other matters. There are certain things that the law does not allow to be included in a marriage contract, such as child support amounts, or prohibiting a spouse from entering into a new relationship.

Talk to Axess Law to ensure that your marriage contract will be valid, comprehensive and enforceable. We have the knowledge and insight necessary to protect your wishes and guard you from unforeseen problems.

To obtain the peace of mind that only comes from having all of your bases covered, call us today to book an appointment at one of our convenient retail locations. We’re open 7 days a week with long hours that work for you.

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